Text Cash Network – Review

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text cash networkText Cash Network – Scam or Legit – My Review of the Text Cash Network

Hello folks, today I am writing about Text Cash Network. I am going to go over the company, the products, the compensation plan, and whether or not I would say Text Cash Network is an actual legitimate company and not just a scam.

Stay tuned because this might get very interesting.

The Text Cash Network Company Overview

Text Cash Network Inc is owned by a 5 year old communication company and has something to do with The Johnson Group.

According to the site, it’s free to join, and operates like the ‘Groupon’ model where you get text messages offering discounts on items in your area.

Groupon (a portmanteau derived from “group coupon”) is a deal-of-the-day website that features discounted gift certificates usable at local or national companies.

The President of Text Cash Network is Brett Hudson which has been successful in traditional type businesses in the past.

As far as any more information on the company itself I couldn’t find anything else as far as where they are located or any phone numbers other than what I explained about in the first paragraph of this section.

The Text Cash Network Company Product

The product is really just receiving text messages daily, if you really want to call that a product but it is what it is.

The Text Cash Network Company Compensation Overview

Now to earn commissions in Text Cash Network you have to join for free, and then have to agree to receive 5 advertising text messages a day.

The way to make money with this program is that you need to refer others that want to receive 5 advertising text messages a day too and have them duplicate.

The company uses a Matrix compensation plan; the way this one is structured is by a 2X10 matrix. Now what they are paying out is $1.50 per person which works out to around $2,302.50 when your entire matrix is filled and paid monthly, but anyone that has any real experience knows that filling every single spot rarely if ever happens.

There is also a 3X10 with some matching bonuses which is typical in these new matrix’s.

Considering it’s a free to join program, it’s not high risk of course.

My Final Thoughts About The Text Cash Network Opportunity

My final thoughts about the Text Cash Network are this. Even though this opportunity is free to join, which is a great thing in this circumstance, there is still not a lot of information about the company which might be because it’s a new company and still updating its website.

But still kinda strange.

My advice would be do your due diligence before jumping into any company, especially if you are looking for a long term home.

Now some of you are asking if I would join this company, and I would simply have to pass, not that there is anything that I can see that is wrong with the company, just its not my personal ‘cup of tea’.

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I hope you enjoyed this review about the Text Cash Network.

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