Organo Gold – Review

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organo goldOrgano Gold – Scam or Legit – My Review on the Organo Gold Opportunity

Here is the place to find out information about Organo Gold. As far as what category Organo Gold falls in is a newer one called the coffee niche, and is a network marketing company.

In this review I will go over information about the Organo Gold company, the Products, and the opportunity with a bonus on how to build the Organo Gold business.

The Organo Gold Company

Lets start this overview about the Organo Gold company. The headquarters of Organo Gold are in Canada, and the US.  Organo Gold was founded by 2 guys, Shane Morand (master distributor) and Bernardo Chua which is the CEO.

They both have had successful careers in both marketing and sales. One of the accomplishments is that Chua built a downline of over 500k before getting involved with Organo Gold. As of writing this article Organo Gold operates in just Europe, North America, and Latin America.

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The Organo Gold Products

Now on to the products… of each Organo Gold’s products have Ganoderma Lucidum in it. So, what in the world is Ganoderma Lucidum? Ganoderma is a type of mushroom that has medicinal powers and has been used in Chinese medicine for over 4 centuries. This mushroom is cherished by the Chines for its medicinal powers that it is referred to as the “mushroom of immortality”. As far as what the reports say about the benefits of what this mushroom has is antioxidants, immune system support and helps with vitality.

Organo Gold’s product line is mostly coffee, the flavors are black, latte, and mocha, they also have tea and hot chocolate. They also have a pill form of the gonoderma. If you want more information about what exactly the ganoderma is, and what it is reported to do, just google it.

The Organo Gold Opportunity

Ok, now on to the Organo Gold opportunity. The compensation plan has a binary structure, which has a right and a left leg that has to be built. The total ways that they will pay you is seven different ways. The first way is fast start commissions, the second way is retail profits, third is dual team bonuses, the fourth way is unilevel bonus’s, the fifth way is unilevel matching bonus, the 6th way is generational bonus, and the 7th and final way is through the companies global bonus pool. The compensation plan seems to be really solid for the distributors.

My Final Thoughts and BONUS

My final thoughts is that Organo Gold is a great and legitimate opportunity to be part of. Could Organo Gold be one of the best MLM Opportunities?They have all the components that are needed to make a great company like the management, products, and compensation plan. It also looks like they are expanding into more countries which will make more opportunities for distributors.

BUT, one of the main factors that you have to consider is this, Organo Gold wont make you rich just by joining. Sorry to disappoint you. The Organo Gold company is just the vehicle that you use to get you to the fortune. What you as a distributor are required to do is to recruit, sell products, recruit some more, and support your downline. So you are going to have to learn how to generate leads to do this! You want to make money right? Then your gonna have to learn the skill of generating your own leads.

I would highly advice to take advantage of training and tools that will not only give you the RIGHT tools to do this, but will also give you the training on how to use them! So if you are serious about building your Organo Gold business or ANY business for that matter then you need to check the link out below, and start getting trained immediately.


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- Wallace

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  1. pierre perpall jr says:

    love the coffee and the company

  2. Organo Gold is disgusting and will never be like Starbucks coffee.

    A bunch of Brain Washing going on.

    My ex husband had my 23 year old call a recording using a pin trying to recruit her when she asked for some help with college and an apartment. that is a damn shame. I will tell all my friends and co workers about this cult. By the way he hasn’t made millions.. He should make the diamond choice to use his brains. Also he never helped her with her move and told her if she could not afford college not to go. Way to go Organo Gold.. A bunch of bull.