Nerium International – Review

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nerium internationalNerium International – Scam or Legitimate Opportunity – My Review

If you landed on this page chances are that you are already a rep for Nerium International, and just want some reassurance that you made the right choice to join them, or maybe you are just trying to find out more information if this company is actually worth joining, and also if it is a legitimate ran company.

Either way I am going to go over the products, the company, and owner, and the opportunity in this Nerium Review. After I cover these categories I will then give you my opinion and thoughts of what I think about this company at the end of this review… enjoy.

The Nerium International Product Details

The flagship product of Nerium International is called Nerium AD which is a skin cream. The company is based out of Addison, Texas and launched August 31, 2011. The NeriumAD main ingredient is the Nerium oleander plant and is intended for over night use.

As far as what it is suppose to do, its suppose to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and big pores. It is also said to help with over sunned or damaged skin due to the sun as well.

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The Nerium International Company Overview

Ok, so here is where it get interesting. Jeff Olsen’s is the founder and CEO of Nerium. If you know anything about this industry, he has been a powerhouse for many years in the network marketing space. Some of his background includes; top producing distributor, national trainer for many top network marketing companies, and recently a company founder.

His last major build was in prepaid legal services which he built a big organization for many years. He has big goals for Nerium. It really looks like he is surrounding himself with a very top notch management team as well as a top notch scientific team.

It looks like Mr. Olsen has put together a solid infrastructure for some solid growth.

The Nerium International Opportunity

Now on to the business opportunity of Nerium International. Nerium International has a uni-level comp plan. Uni-level comp plans have been used for many years, and are time tested to work. In Nerium there are a few ways to earn and upfront “fast start” income is one. Retailing the product is also in this category. This uni-level works off of ten levels, you get to earn 10 levels deep at different percentages per level. You must qualify with certain requirement to reach the lower levels.

Some of what Jeff Olsen is doing with this company as far as the comp plan goes is great and somewhat visionary I must admit… they have a ‘get 3 and your auto-ship minus shipping is free’ program, they also have a 60 day holding tank which is very cool especially with a uni-level, and last but not least they didn’t forget the luxury car bonus.

My Final Thoughts About Nerium International

Although Nerium International has solid leadership and infrastructure, the problem is that it just started. The only concern is that it is a start up company. History has shown that most start up companies do not last past three years. But with that said, Do I feel that Nerium International is a scam? NO, not at all, Nerium International has everything in place to make it a long term and legitimate operating company.

And in my closing thoughts, if you are to join Nerium and want to work Nerium International from the comfort of your home, on your computer, you are going to need marketing training and a system. My recommendation would be the system on the next page after clicking on the link below.

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