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limuLimu – Scam or Legit – My Review and Training Special for Limu Below.

Chances are since you are here reading about the Limu opportunity tells me that you are either interested in joining Limu or wanting to learn how you can grow you Limu business.

In my simple but in depth review about Limu I will go over the company, the products, and the compensation plan of the Limu opportunity. As a bonus I will also help any Limu distributor, and show you how to get 20 – 50 leads a day to your Limu business, or ANY business for that matter!

The Limu Company Overview

Ok, so lets dive into the company details of Limu. As far as the Limu company goes, they are a privately held Network Marketing company that sells health and wellness products. Gary Raser is the founder of Limu in 2003.

Gary also has over 20 years of HUGELY great experience in the industry. Limu is located in the beautiful Lake Mary, Florida, and is constantly expanding internationally. Limu is actually successfully on the ground and operating in over 24 countries which include Australia Canada, and Japan.

If one of your questions is ‘how experienced is the management team’ then have no worries, around 125 years of experience combined and totally debt free from opening day folks. Another thing that Limu has is a huge amount of documentation on their product. As what was found online, the Limu company has been seen on USA Today, NBC, and ABC… also countless articles and over 850 testimonials about the benefits the Limu product will give you.

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The Limu Products (Seaweed?)

Limu’s claim to fame with there product is there ingredient fucoidan, it is the flagship ingredient and is found in most if not all of their products, but mainly in the main juice product they have. Fucoidan is essentially seaweed, well its actually found within the seaweed and the name is actually called limu moui. Some of the research that has been made has shown fucoidan has plyphenols glyconutrients, and antioxidents and vitamins. According to the findings it has over seventy nutrients. The fucoidan is also known for its the benefits of anti inflammatory and anti viral.

“Limu Original” as I mentioned before is the main product that Limu offers, it is a two oz. bottle and it is said to not include colors, flavors, or any kind of fake sweeteners. Another popular product that Limu offers is called “Limu Lean”. Limu Lean is essentially cleanser and shakes that are suppose to help you lose weight. One of the last but not least products that Limu offers is the “Blu Frog” energy drink, this energy drink is a cool addition in my opinion.

The Limu Compensation Plan

Concerning there opportunity, like all network marketing companies, you have to buy a certain amount of product to participate in Limu’s compensation plan, then you need to purchase the largest pack to get the most out of the comp plan. Their are actually 7 ways to get paid according to their website which includes fast starts, matching, and monthly residuals. There are a few different bonus pools that are included, and one of the biggest is the Global Bonus Leaders Pool that equals out to 5.5% of the companies worldwide volume and is paid out monthly to those top dogs that qualify of course. Limu also offers big trips, cruises, and big time conventions for the people that are participating with the company. Of course I am not including all that the Limu compensation plan offers and you should download the official free .pdf that the company has to offer that outlines it in detail, I am just outlining what is offered obviously. In closing on the Limu compensation plan, it can pay out big-time, but for the right people of course, the ones that can bring the heat and sponsor and build teams.

My Closing Thoughts About The Limu Opportunity

To close this bad boy out, I would have to say that Limu is a good opportunity, if you can find the right training that you need to build it. No matter what anybody says about “how easy Limu is going to be”… you are going to still need the right training. I have no problem with the Limu company, I actually think that it is a very good and stable opportunity but I must stress to you that no matter what, YOU are going to need to learn how to sponsor people into your Limu business and market the products. One of the greatest systems is one that is on auto pilot, that you or anyone that can implement. Obviously if you don’t know how to market your business, then you are not going to make any money. I would highly recommend a proven marketing system that will help you by training you and your team, plus offer the right systems that will put your business on auto-pilot. I mean, yes you can go and do things the old school way and recruit your friends and family, and that is fine, but that only will get you so far. Let me ask you a question, if you could learn how to combine offline and the new school internet marketing and start to generate 20 – 30 leads per day that look at your Limu business, do you think your business will grow? Of course it will! Can Limu be one of the best network marketing companies?

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- Wallace

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