Javita – Review

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javitaJavita – Scam or Legit… How does Javita stack up?

Since its inception on June 1st the launch has been surprisingly great. What I mean is that the Javita website looks great, the Javita product was delivered and tastes great, and when payments were owed, they were payed out.

Yes they had a couple hiccups, but I must admit a very successful launch for a start up company.

Before Javita there was a pre-building marketing system called Reserve Your Cup, that had done extremely well with helping anyone build a team at no risk, which means that someone that joined didn’t need to pay anything to be part of Reserve Your Cup, which is an AMAZING concept, and that is why so many people joined, AND so many people decided to start promoting.

It was a very good system, not revolutionary, but good… but like any new system it had missing steps… I won’t go into those steps right now, but hopefully the launch of the new reserve your cup system will have those steps in place like what was discussed, we all shall see?

So now we come down to if the company if a viable means of focusing ones attention to building Javita.

Is Javita Worth It?

I want to first say that I am a firm believer in Internet Marketing as a base to drive targeted traffic and leads, but of course you have to do it the right way… So I would have to say if Javita decides to release the system with a free to join and build a team at no risk aspect to it, then WITHOUT A DOUGHT… this would be the PERFECT and best network marketing companies in any niche to join and make money with.

BUT, if they come out with the regular run of the mill capture page that just collects leads… I would really have to think to myself if a company that is not willing to move into the 21st century is worth pursuing, but, I must admit Javita does have a lot going for it.

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The Javita Company Background

Javita is the sister company to a (as of writing this) 7 year old established, and multi million dollar a month company that has a solid infrastructure which is ran by the CEO Stan Cherelstein name Waiora.

Stan has a staff that has been together for years and has been used to putting together multi million dollar companies.

So a very solid company infrastructure with solid management. Plus they are a global business in over 20 countries… which to a Internet Marketer like myself is a big plus.

Javita Products and Ingredients…

Right now Javita has regular black coffee that is infused with healthy ingredients that help promote mental alertness and energy, the ingredients are South American estate blend coffee (100% Arabica and Robusta) green tea, bocopa monnieri herb, and gotu cola herb. (and tastes GREAT)

Javita has announced that they will also have Green Tea, Hot Chocolate, also a Weight Loss Coffee, plus different flavored coffee as well, the releases have not been set yet, but is on the agenda with a 6 month at a time release date as mentioned.. but not confirmed.

Is Javita The Best Coffee MLM?

Two things make Javita the better choice as far as coffee mlm companies goes. The first is the product taste.. imagine having a product that everyone drinks on a daily basis, which is coffee and try to pitch these “expert” drinkers on a product (coffee) that tastes like crap. Exactly, you are not going to get the response you would want.

Now imagine having a product that tastes like a real brewed cup of coffee that people that drink coffee on a daily basis know, that when you give them a sample, the coffee tastes not only great, but better than there brewed coffee at home… people get interested!

Now on to the compensation plan, I am not going to go into specifics, but what I can go into is the fact that Javita will first not ask you to deposit a Mortgage payment to get started… plus the monthly auto ship is under 100 bucks…

When you go into the comp plan, there is a ton of money to be made with Javita on the table… you just have to click on the link for more information, and get the .pdf file that will show you what is involved.

Bottom line is that Javita tastes better and pays better!

My Final Thoughts about Javita

Javita is a company that me and a business partner of mine Dave Lear, decided to partner up and had the pleasure of joining in the pre-launch of the Reserve your Cup days. It was an AMAZING system that would blow any other system out of the water with the right steps in place… But I guess we shall see what management says about if they want to release it or not.

With that one factor, I would be 100% into this… but if not… I don’t think how I could commit to a company that doesn’t believe in moving forward. The times are now, and the Internet age is now also… Let people use the tools that they need to build a brighter future. For example, look at what Netflix did to Blockbuster Video, or how Amazon crushed Circuit City, and is messing with Best Buy’s sales… some people just need to wake up!

Anyways, do I think you should join Javita….

YES, I think it is still an amazing opportunity, and if they do release that system, it would help so many people to build a substantial business, not just Joe Blow that has a ton of experience doing just offline marketing and has NO Experience and NO success making any kind of money marketing on the Internet.


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- Wallace

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