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Best Network Marketing Companies and MLM Companies Reviews

Welcome to MLM Debt Crusher, where I review a variety of new and old Network Marketing Companies and give my personal thoughts on what the Best MLM Opportunities are and the worst Opportunities to get involved with and why.

My name is Wallace Nuanez a.k.a. (MLM Debt Crusher), owner of this site, you can read about me in my about me page to learn more of my background and expertise..

This site will not only show the top recommended Network Marketing Companies but will also show some of my top recommendations for products or services designed to help network marketers in today’s world.

Best Network Marketing / Best MLM Opportunities

The best MLM companies listed below have been in business for at least three years–some over 10 years. They exhibit financial stability and offer hard-working men and women an excellent opportunity to supplement or replace their current income, an important benefit in these difficult economic times. If you don’t see a company you think should be on the best mlm opportunities list, you can nominate it.

The list is in no particular order. If you have experience with a company that is not on the list and would like us to review it and see if it can belong on this list then go to the Recommend a Company page and submit a recommendation.

Lets Start With The Best Opportunity for 2012 and Why…

WOW oh WOW… I haven’t came across a company like this EVER!

A company so ROBUST, so SOLID, with a GREAT Vision… that I am so confident that they will produce MORE Top Earners than ANY other company out there!

Its NOT MLM… its actually an affiliate program that has a 3 tier payout system with Many Lucrative Bonuses!

The name of this company will be revealed when you actually click on the link, they are actually one of those strict companies that will not allow their affiliates to advertise with personal marketing material…


The team that I have partnered with actually has one of the BEST marketing systems that I have EVER used, and I have used MANY!

This program is an amazing, fun and unique program that, more than anything else, has helped many of my personal team members make more money then they have EVER Made!

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When checking out the company, you will receive a free video that gives you a lot of great information and overview on how it works… watch it again as many times as you need in order to understand, because it is a new concept.

This Affiliate program is FREE to join, but your gonna want to upgrade with one of the subscriptions immediately! 

This is an extremely profitable when built correctly!

Click here if you are detail-oriented and want to watch an extensive video about the system.

Finally, if you do get started with this program, you will also be part of my team and you will get some amazing training and extras, like our team marketing system that we offer at ‘No Cost’, just for being a team member!

It’s one of the most successful, high-income programs on the Internet EVER, and I know that it can work for you as well!

My 2nd Recommended Opportunity For 2012

#2 For 2012 is a company that pays out 100% commissions and NO this is NOT empower network… although that is another well known good company, it just didn’t make this list, this one is rated very high for the being the best MLM Companies for several reasons listed below:

  1. Solid management team that has many successful years of experience in the industry and knows how to put together an awesome opportunity.
  2. A “No Gotcha” comp plan…  a simple and easily to follow compensation plan that has the follow you forward plan, with a “help your team” build aspect. With its very profitable compensation plan, it is the second ‘best paying pay plan in the industry’
  3. This company has an “evergreen” product, which simply means that it has been VERY popular for years, and will be VERY popular for at least 14 years from now… I mean what else is more in demand than how to GIVE someone TRAFFIC.
  4. A very effective marketing system for online and offline folks that includes online marketing systems, offline training resources and tools, followed with great support.
  5. This company is very lucrative… with ONLY 2 people on your entire team, they are able to take pay you daily!!! – it just makes sense.
  6. This company is not only being said that it is the fastest growing, it has a VERY Low attrition rate folks!
  7. There is no potions, lotions, or crazy new products that we have to explain what the heck it is and what it does.
  8. And with so much more benefits… it a real NO BRAINER!

==>Click HERE to learn more about this “COOL” opportunity and why we named it the #2 recommended Network Marketing / MLM Company to date.

Another Great MLM Resource For Attraction Marketing

You will also want to check out and order the Magnetic Sponsoring book (available here) this is a resource that ALL Network Marketers should have in their library. This book will reveal “big secrets” that you will want to know about. This is a must have book for any serious Network Marketer.

A List of other Network Marketing Companies Below In No Particular Order

One of the best MLM companies that has stood the test of time is Amway, they are in the household products category and they also have energy drinks, you can still probably still see some of there commercials on T.V. from time to time… an older company, and one of the hardest companies for the new MLM Marketer to make money with in today’s industry.

Another older company that has been around and still flourishing is Avon, which is in the makeup and beauty category of Network Marketing Companies. This is also a tough company to make big money in but many woman like it because it has products that they would use on a daily basis too… I would rate it up there for a starting point for woman to make money in this industry, to get the feel of it.

Xango is in the category of the “Super Fruit Juice MLM Companies”, just like Tahitian Noni, Monavie, Zrii, Mandura, TriVita, Jusuru, and many others… In the testing of today’s market with what people are looking for to build a great long lasting Network Marketing Company… they are not impressed with the MLM juice companies anymore. I am not saying you can’t make money with one of the many MLM Juice companies, we are just saying that there is so much competition, and the WOW Factor of the Super Juice is long gone… so for the average folks, its going to be difficult to build a long term sustainable residual income.

Next we have the travel MLM’s which are good companies too but not the best MLM Companies, but really run into legal issues too many time, and is actually a risky business venture just because of all the regulations… some of the network marketing companies include, Traverus, another one is Global Resorts Network, Globe Travel Network and YTB was a good one but got hit by the FTC and was shut down… If I were you I would stay clear of the travel MLM Companies.

Another risky MLM category would be the telecom MLM niche, just because they are trying to run against the big boys like ATT, and TMOBILE, VERIZON, and SPRINT, so they have to be very careful in what the company and the distributors promote to people, they are closely watched… one of the companies that launched but got closed down instantly was Buzzirk Mobile… they has something special going on, but the company could not handle it?? Another company in this noche is FDI International, good company but hard to profit because of the big boys… another is Lightyear Wireless, same issues as the others that were mentioned before.

Wallace Nuanez

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